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School Exchange to Spain.

May/June 2013

Dates: Ireland first two weeks in May/ Spain first two weeks in June (To be confirmed)

The language exchange is based on two families each offering hospitality in turn on a reciprocal basis.

Students taking part in the exchange programme will travel to and from Spain in a group in June and stay with host families in Spain. Each student will have an exchange partner who will stay with them for 2 weeks in May.

On arrival in Spain they will be met by the Spanish family (their exchange partner’s family) with whom they will be staying.  It is through living with this family and sharing the experiences of everyday Spanish life that the Irish student gains valuable insights into the social habits and culture of Spain. This will enable her to improve her ability to think in, understand and speak the language. When abroad the participant is treated as a member of the exchange partner’s family and is expected to join fully in all family activities.

Likewise while the exchange partner is in Ireland she must be made feel at home and involved in normal family activities.

Spanish students will arrive in Ireland in May. Host families will be responsible for collecting their Spanish exchange partner at the airport & ensuring they get there safely on the way home. During their stay here both the Irish student and their exchange partners will do a number of day trips/activities. Spanish students will attend school with their exchange partner for the weeks of term time.

The cost of the trip (to be confirmed) will include return flights to Spain & a number of day trips while the students are in Dublin & Spain.

Details of exchange partners will be sent to each student in advance so as to give them time to write and to get to know each other before the exchange begins.


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