24 Hours of Motherhood

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The Transition Year pupils have been taking part in the ‘Baby Think it over Programme‘ – if you happen to live with a Transition Year student you will be well aware that the Baby has to be looked after day and night! The teachers have had to be patient too while the odd nappy is changed or a feed is due.

Read about their Baby Experiences.

24hrs of Motherhood

When I got my baby I had no idea what I got myself into. Hearing stories from my peers was very amusing. However, when my baby finally turned on … it cried. I was so frustrated because my electronic bracelet would not chime. Thus, it did not recongise me tending to it so it kept on crying. Finally it stopped.

The highlight of the experience was when I went into my local shop. The amount of people that starred at me was hilarious. During the night it cried 7 times and I could not go back to sleep. The next morning on my way to school it cried on the bus. I was so embarrassed. I had bags under my eyes and was cranky from the lack of sleep I received the night before.

Over all the experience really made me think I am not ready to be a parent because I’d have to give up sleep and any spare time I had.

By Hannah Quirkegh


My Baby Experience

On the 28th of January I had an experience that I will NEVER forget. I got to take care of a real life baby as part of the Baby Think it over Programme. I received the baby at 11:15 am and the experience began. I started by naming my baby Patrick .  He was quite good during the school day until I got to knitting when it started to cry like crazy. When it cried you had two minutes to scan yourself in and then you had to decide if it needed changing, feeding, burping or just to be rocked.  It was also very good when it came home except when the night shift arrived and it cried every two hours on the two hours. I ended up getting no sleep. By the end of my experience I have learnt that I am not ready to have kids and that they take over a huge amount of time.

By Laragh Mai Carrigan


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