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Its Loreto Beauforts Student Council Awareness Week this week and we need a logo. Here is some information to help you create an appropriate logo. The competition is open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd years.

The primary aim of the Loreto Beaufort School Council is to foster among the students a sense of responsibility as well as an active involvement in the running of the school and to develop leadership qualities and organisational skills. It reflects the ideas and opinions of the students and is the official organ through which members of the student body communicate with the administrative and teaching staffs on matters of general interest to the school.

The council strives to encourage a good school spirit of co-operation, understanding and mutual respect between staff and students. It is hoped that the Council is a reflection of the vitality of the school and it provides the school with incentive and inspiration.






School Mission Statement

“We in Beaufort endeavour to provide a caring community and a supportive environment which encourages each student to develop her full spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and social potential.”

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