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On the 27th of September our 5th year art class visited the National Gallery of Ireland with Ms. Bowe. We saw the Irish and the European rooms, and the works from the Dublin Contemporary 2011 exhibition. We studied different works throughout the gallery including the Caravaggio masterpiece ‘The Taking of Christ’ and works from contemporary Irish artists such as Liam O’Callaghan.

Our guide made the tour interesting and gave us lots of information about the art works.

As a class group our appreciation of art developed. I think as a result of this tour we would all visit galleries more often.

By Sarah McCarthy and Niamh Ryan (5th yr art)

After visiting the National Gallery of Ireland and the Dublin Contemporary 2011 exhibition I feel I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. Before our class visit I did not think there was as much meaning behind a piece of art and now I have begun to appreciate the work and thought that goes into making a work of art. I left the gallery feeling satisfied and happy with my visit as I came out with the knowledge of how to really look at a painting and to take the time to see its true meaning and beauty. Although we only examined a few pieces, I learnt more from those pieces than I would have from looking at every work in the galleries collection. I will view art with a different perspective from now on.

By Niamh Ryan (5th yr art)


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