Rainbow Day for Rumbek

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Rainbow Day for Rumbek will take place this Friday 30th Sept.

Loreto Rumbek is the first secondary school for girls in Lake State, a province of 40,000 square kilometers with a population of 350,000 in South Sudan. ‘Traditionally, in the Dinka tribe, a woman is valued by her cow value. She is rated by how many cows they can marry her for.’ Women are very much second-class citizens. However on the 9th of July this year South Sudan became its own independent country after 21 years of civil war with the North. Mary Nyanachok, a third year student at Loreto Rumbek, said that the celebration of independence would bring about healing and she urged the government of South Sudan to prioritise education, arguing that education is the key to improved lives for South Sudanese. The Loreto School in Rumbek was established in 2007 and will have its pioneer students sitting for their Secondary School Certificate Examination this year.

Please support our sister school by dressing in your years colour –

1st Years – Red

2nd Years – Orange

3rd Years – Yellow

4th Years – Pink

5th Years -Blue

6th Years – Purple

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