To Our Fabulous 6th Year’s on your Graduation

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Here’s a glimpse into the last school days for our wonderful 6th Years:

Staff Coffee Morning

All Staff would like to thank the 6th Years for the wonderful coffee morning. The delicious homemade cakes and biscuits were really appreciated. Truly Scrumptious!

6th Year Party

The 6th year party was held at 11. 15 on Tuesday the 11th of May in the Cafeteria.  The windows were blacked out and the walls were festooned with fairy lights. Pictures of all the 6th years as 1st years adorned the walls. A projector played a slide show documenting our journey through Beaufort. It was organised by the 5th years with the able assistance of Ms Dunne. Alice in Wonderland was the theme and we were greeted at the door by the Mad Hatter aka Aisling Claffey.  Alice Duggan the Head Girl was then asked to drink a special potion and then the party began. It was a celebration of our six years in Beaufort. Each girl was given an identity card with their 1st year photo on it. the highlight of the feast was a chocolate fountain, but special mention must be given to the fabulous cake decorated with a picture of all the 6th years. Girls were nominated for special awards ranging from Little Miss up for anything, Emma Quigley, Little Miss Good things come in small packages Hannah Mc Govern and the Dancing Queen Orla Scully. Lots of people made heartfelt speeches which went down very well after tons of chocolate and overall we had a brilliant party made even more wonderful by the fabulous fifth years. Our thanks go out to the wonderful Ms Dunne for all her hard work.

6th Year V’s Staff Soccer Match

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