Students visit us from our sister school – Loreto Matunda

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4th Year Response to Daisy’s Presentation

Daisy’s life style is very different to ours.  She attends Loreto Matunda.  She would have to wake up at 4am each morning her classes would begin at 5am. After school every student has to clean the school they all have a partial job to do. They would have some free time during the day. Daisy would begin her homework around 9pm and would not get to sleep until 11pm each night and get up at 4am the next morning. This is very different to our life style in Ireland. Education is important in Kenya.  All their work must be done for every class or they could be hit .if any of the student are late for class they must wait outside until the class has finished. We were very surprised how strict there rules are to ours. Daisy would only see her family a few weeks a year and the rest of her time would be in her boarding school. Daisy presentation was very interesting and really showed us how different ours lives was to hers .

Completing the Circle – Part 1

In July of 2009, Ashling O Riordan and Danielle O’Brien were selected through an application process to visit Loreto schools in Kenya as part of Mary Wards 400th anniversary. Two students from every Loreto school in Ireland were chosen. To complete this experience, the

Loreto Network organised Kenyan students from every Loreto student in Kenya to visit our schools. From the 12th-16th of April we had the pleasure of having Daisy Mboya in our school community.  Daisy stayed with Ashling O’ Riordan, and took part in all areas of school life. She contributed to many different year groups, sharing with us her way of life in Kenya. The Beaufort pupils were left with mouths wide open when they heard about Daisy’s 4am starts! Both staff and student alike found Daisy’s reflections inspiring and thought provoking. One of the most memorable days for me during the week, was when Daisy started to ask some challenging questions to transition years regarding social policies and different issues that affect teenagers all over the world. It was very encouraging to see two cultures come together to talk through their similarities and indeed their differences.

On the last day of Daisy’s time with us the senior prefects and the 5th year group hosted a party where Daisy was the guest of honour. The fifth years made a crown with a daisy chain, which Daisy wore with great joy. The party was very much led by Daisy who encouraged all of us to take part in some Kenyan dancing.

We closed our social gathering with a prayer, as prayer at the end of a gathering is common in Kenyan tradition. Preceding this, Daisy sang her school prayer beautifully and everyone gathered were humbled and so grateful for the experience they had shared.  There were tears in the eyes of many of the students to see Daisy’s departure. We are all sure that no matter what Daisy turns her hand to, that she will go very far in life.

We pray that God will bless and protect Daisy in her own journey of life.

Completing the Circle- Part 2

This week from the 19th-23rd of April, we welcome Elizabeth Hotia and Nancy Ndung’u to our school community. Elizabeth is staying with Ashling O’Riordan and Nancy is staying with Danielle O’Brien.

On Monday at assembly we gathered for welcoming prayer for our two special visitors. We very much look forward to Elizabeth and Nancy taking part in various activities in our school community.  This week in Beaufort is Fairtrade week, we look forward to hearing the Elizabeth’s and Nancy’s opinon on the Fairtrade movement.

Niamh Donohue

(  School Chaplain)

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