5th Year Trip to Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Mass

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On Sunday the 28th of February a group of 5th Years went to the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir Mass with Ms. O’Donohue.

“ …I felt welcomed as soon as we walked into the Church and I even took part in the opening procession.  The congregation were included throughout and even participated in the closing hymn by standing up, singing and clapping along. I would enjoy going again….”         Michelle   Carthy

“….On Sunday 28th of  February, myself along with fourteen other girls from my year. Our religion teacher, Ms. Donohue had mentioned that she went to mass there and that we would really benefit from attending. When the mass begun, the priest told us we were very welcome numerous times. The homily was interesting and very easy to understand. At the end of the mass, we were all invited to stand up and sing along to the last song. Overall, I really enjoyed the mass and Id like to thank Ms. Donohue for encouraging us to go. I hope to go again soon”

Hannah Taylor

“…. The organisers of the mass were incredibly welcoming and invited several of us to participate in the mass. When the mass began everyone was surprised by the energy and enthusiasm of not just the choir but also the congregation. Over all it was a very enjoyable experience that opened everyone’s eyes to the prospect of an enjoyable mass.”

Louise Sharkey and Gemma Slevin

“…Before the mass even started, the first thing I noticed was how nice and welcoming all of the people were. The songs the choir sung were so lively that it was difficult for me to stop myself from dancing on the spot. The priests sermon was inspirational, “Faith is intensely relational and keeps you whole”, these were the words that priest based his sermon on. I won’t be forgetting those lines any time soon. When the mass ended, we were all invited to have tea and biscuits. All in all, I really enjoyed my experience of the gospel choir Mass. It was so easy going and relaxed, that you just felt comfortable singing along and singing “Cos your love is my love, And my love is your love” What was supposed to be an average trip to mass turned out to be a very enjoyable and inspirational experience. Thanks Ms. Donohue”

Fiona Tynan

“….The choir were extremely enjoyable. They sang songs, like ‘Amazing Grace’ and their final song was “ My love is your love” by Whitney Heuston, which for the whole journey back to O’Connel Street and on the bus on the way home, we couldn’t stop singing. When the mass finished we went into another room where tea was being served and we had a chance to talk about the sermon with others in the Church. All in all, Im glad I went to the mass and I would love to go again”

Saidhbh O’Kelly

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