Appeal for the people of Haiti

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Breaking News- Euro 10,029.87 raised for Haiti

There has been an unbelievable response from Beauforts community to help the people of Haiti.

Thank you so much for all your generousity and prayers.

Prayer Service

Yesterday morning we had a moving prayer service, done through the intercom by Niamh Donohue, our school Chaplain. The pupils in the school were very reverend and respectful whilst this took place.

We feel in Beaufort that our prayer and spiritual support is as important as financial support.

The Prayer Service:

I am now going to read a quote from a Goal worker , working on the frontline in Haiti:

When we flew over Port-au-Prince yesterday I can remember looking down at the houses and thinking “There’s not that much damage!” But today we drive through the city. In some areas house after house is completely flattened. We see a school that has collapsed. There are bodies still in the courtyard and most likely many more still under the rubble. In Haiti, schools have a morning shift and an afternoon shift. The earthquake happened at 4.53pm so half of the children in many schools were probably in their classrooms.

Pray for the people of Haiti

A prayer for Haiti

Loving God of creation,

at this time of devastation

we hold before you the people of Haiti.

Lord, the damage is unimaginable,

and the suffering seems overwhelming,

remind us that every person affected

is loved, honored and precious in your sight.We remember all those who have been hurt;

all who have lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones.

Help all those working in Haiti to alleviate suffering and hurt. Loving Lord, bring healing

to broken and distorted lives,

peace to those who have been thrown into despair,

light to those in darkness,

and hope to those who fear.

We ask this in the name of Jesus

in whom all life and grace is found.


Loreto Beaufort’s Goal Haiti Appeal

When our Junior SVP conference and our Senior SVP conference heard about the appeal, the girls were very eager to lend a helping hand. Both groups immediately got thinking about fundraising ideas. The student council organised a class collection, and both of the SVP conferences have been organising jumbo cake sales all week. Today all of the transition years brought in delicious home cooked cakes, from chocolate biscuit cake to rocky road, mars bar squares, lemon cheese cake we even had three chocolate fountains!

Raising over 1200 EURO! Well done girls!

I have been in constant contact with Karen O’Shea of Goal, and she is very supportive and grateful of the work we are doing. Karen will be visiting the school next to collect the funds aswell as presenting to us some very up-to-date information about what’s happening on the ground in Haiti.

I received the following information from Karen O’Shea of Goal on the 21/01/2010

GOAL will continue to carry out aid distributions in Port-au-Prince following a successful delivery of supplies to the survivors of the earthquake in the capital.

“GOAL organized a distribution of aid on Wednesday, the first delivery by an international NGO in Haiti,” said GOAL CEO, John O’Shea. “GOAL provided food and water, and non-food items such as blankets, sleeping mats, cooking equipment and hygiene sets to 1,000 people in the Turgeau region of the capital.

“Sixteen trucks ferrying Irish Aid have also arrived into Port-au-Prince and these supplies will be used by GOAL as part of their aid distributions in the coming days.”

A jet provided to GOAL by Aer Lingus will take off from Dublin airport on Friday afternoon airlifting 25 tonnes of aid supplies and a number of GOALies into the region to bolster the organisation’s relief programme.

The plane will arrive into the Dominican Republic later in the day, where the aid will be trucked into Port-au-Prince.

A week after the earthquake in Haiti, a casualty report has confirmed the scale of the devastation with 200,000 people estimated to have died and 1.5m left homeless.

Thank you so much for your support in our endeavours to help those in need.

Niamh Donohue

( School Chaplain)

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