JPIC Carlingford trip with Concern

On the 12th and 13th of March I and 6 other JPIC members went to Carlingford adventure centre with Concern on a team bonding trip. We did the Crystal maze which was a series of outdoor team bonding activities with students from other schools, this was my favorite part of the trip. We learnt about […]

3P + 3S Take Action

3P and 3S read the following article by Oliver Callan and were inspired to take action about some of the issues raised. One response to the article was the following petition. Please read the article and sign the petition. Thank you Online consent’s a risk to kids’ health – but Government appears reluctant to do […]

Spirit Week 2018

Getting into the swing of Spirit Week here at Beaufort with our morning Rave’s and Irish dancing. Céilí Mór 2018

Let’s Break Free From Plastic Waste and Pollution

We wrapped up another Environmental module this week where the main concern the students discussed was the use of single use plastic. They would recommend that everybody watch the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Netflix. During this module we watched this really informative film and pledged to do something to cut down on our own […]