La biodiversité

Cette semaine les classes de français de Mme Murphy ont tout appris sur la biodiversité.Nous avons regardé les vidéos qui ont expliqué l’importance de la diversité dans la nature.

Energy Day💡- Green Week 🛴🌾🌱🐌🥗🍞

We were well prepared for our no energy lunch time challenge as our activity for Energy Day today. Congrats everybody on making the effort. With a little organisation and planning it‘s easy to keep our energy output low. Our energy team also came up with the following realistic and effective tips. 1. Don‘t leave your […]

National Mental Health Awareness Week

We are delighted to announce that WIMS Radio will return to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services again this October! The pop-up radio station broadcasts live from St Patrick’s Mental Health Services from Monday 9th October to Friday 13th October to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. The station will be anchored by a range of celebrity […]

Water Day 💦 – Green Week 👣🐥🐆🌿🌻🌍

Our Water committee launched Green Week today with tips and announcements about conserving water and a ‘water’ themed music quiz at lunch time. We would really like everyone to try and be more conscientious about their water usage. For example – do you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth? – do you […]

SVP Meeting 9th Oct. 2017

At our SVP meeting today, we had two visitors. These were Sister Brenda and Sister Judy from Loreto Rome. They sat in on our conference today to learn what we do for SVP and they listened to a presentation from the senior SVP on what they did last year during Awareness week and for their […]