As you are aware, we have introduced the use of Ipads with our pupils. Mobile devices encourage creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in our students as we prepare them to live and work in a modern society. They also increase student engagement and of course the added benefit of the reduced weight of the schoolbag is a huge bonus to students. There was a presentation about the advantages, practicalities and cost by an educational IT support agency ‘Wriggle’ at our meeting last January All Ipads for school use must be purchased through Wriggle. There will be no ‘bring your own device’ option on the online store going forward.

To all incoming First Year Parents, the Wriggle Online Store is opening on Wednesday the 10th of May until the 8th June 2017. Your daughter’s iPad will be deployed in the school on Friday 23rd June. To ensure deployment on this date you need to place your order by 8th June 2017. A late fee will be applied to any orders placed after the deadline.

You can call 01 5009060 if you have any issues.
Please note Home Economics students and Music students will need to tick both boxes in the Optional Curriculum resources section as you will need both resources.

Wriggle Online Store




Our Commitment to Digital Citizenship and the Introduction of iPads

Since early 2015, Beaufort students and staff have had the benefit of using a class set of iPads . Tablet computers as an educational resource encourage creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in our students and their usage has been a huge success. They have given our students new learning opportunities that are both engaging and fun. As a result all our incoming First Years will be using iPads to access their textbooks and other interactive facilities from September 2016. We , in Beaufort, believe the integration of digital technology is essential as we prepare our students to live and work in a modern society. And of course, the reduced weight of the school bag is something we have been concerned about for a long time. We are very excited about this venture. We have partnered with an organisation Called Wriggle ( www.wriggle.ie) . Simon from Wriggle spoke to incoming First Year parents last night. Please find attached the brochure explaining the procedure to purchase your daughter’s device : Parent Pack (PDF) Loreto Beufort (00000002) (1)

If you are setting up iPad for the first time and need some help, the following might help you add important apps and facilities that we use here in Beaufort including emails and files using Office 365:

Tasks for Setting Up iPads